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VKONTAKTE(VK.COM) Founded in 2006 by Pavel Durov, Vkontakte is today the main social network in Russia, and the second most visited website in the country – only after Yandex.
Ensure your presence in the largest social media channel in Russia! Vkontakte has over 215 million users in Russia and Eastern Europe.
Vkontakte is also very popular in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Belarus. It countsover 215 million accounts, and about 70 million daily users.

Basically, Russian users who travel a lot or have frequent contacts with people from abroad tend to be on Facebook (or better, on both Facebook and Vkontakte) but the great majority of internauts from the Russian Federation spend hours and hours mainly on Vkontakte.

We have to remember that in 2010 Russia was the country with the highest amount of hours/day spent online, with an average of 9.8 hours per visitor during the month. Crazy enough, that’s what Comscore reported.

The widespread use of Vkontakte (now available at the international URL is related to the wide range of services it offers. Not only the classic “social” features – like personal profiles, private messaging, photo sharing, social games and community pages – but also the possibility to listen to music for free, and upload audio content.

so marketing is very important for who looking sell their products/service in Russia and Europe...

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50 vkontakte( 100% Real Active Users Comments

50 vkontakte( 100% Real Active Users Comments

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