"Pinterest has reached 10+ million unique monthly views faster than any other website in U.S. history. 1/3 of all the Pinterest users have an annual household income of $100K+."

A new Opportunity for Marketing Campaigns:

So you love the soft board on your bedroom wall and you think you can put up everything up there because very soon your thoughts and your interest would overflow the perimeter of it? How about a virtual pin board where you can pin anything and everything that catches your fancy not worry about stack overflow. Well to meet your requirements this virtual pin board is already here to pin down your passion and obsession. Given the huge amount of traffic to Pinterest which is only a little less than Facebook and twitter, online promotion with pinterest should not be a matter of concern here.

The Pinterest target audience:

It has been projected everywhere that pin interest is a female majority image blogging site. Given that women are really into pictures and their penchant in different kinds of fashion, design and lifestyle items and fact ranks amongst the most pinned and discussed topics. At least that is what Google Ad Planner claims. It says that the 82% of active users on Pinterest are women and majority of them are mothers and about 28% of them has a household income of $100k and above.