Google+ begun as an ambitious project that would compete against Facebook. In combination with Google’s other popular service, YouTube, Google+ has been Google’s golden ticket to capturing a large marketshare of the social media market. With 343 million users who are active, Google+ has surpassed Twitter as a social platform and continues to see growth well into 2013. 25% of internet users across the world now access Google+. Because Google’s Gmail program is also popular with users, it’s just a natural connection between the email that users already have and the social platform they need.

For companies that are new to the world of social marketing, it’s important to look at all of the different venues as outlets for new fans, new customers, new clients, or just new visitors for a website. While most businesses initially chose to remain focused on Facebook and Twitter once Google+ launched, it’s no longer an option. If you want to get higher numbers and capture all of the viewers that are out there, you have to take Google+ into consideration. With a growth rate of 27% in the last year, Google+ is a social powerhouse and the strongest competitor to Facebook yet. With that in mind, doesn’t it make sense to buy Google Plus Ones for your website or business?


=>343 million users who are active at least once a month, many of whom also use Gmail.
=>Sites which are active on Google+ are also indexed by Google, which increases your search engine optimization.
=>Google+ users are more active than Twitter users by roughly 10% per user.
=>Google has higher retention rates with its Circles than other social media platforms, which means higher potential for consumer engagement in focused groups and demographics.